C.S.S. (Center for Spirituality and Sport), established within Il Circolo del Panda, find its own mission in studying and supporting education in sport, seen as interconnected with the definition of the self and the internalized development of it, for sportsmen, both trainers and athletes.

Anthropological universals, i.e. spirit or “soul”, are – since their early nominalistic definition in human communities – deeply connected with the organic function of breathing, and this specific aspect of life can be traced back starting from its ethimology. Respiration, fundamental as it is in every sporting practice activity, is exactly what connects similar practices to the soul, that is to perceiving ourselves and the rest of the world: in a simple word, to our being.

Whoever practicing sports restrict those same activities onto a mere “technical” sphere has already forgotten this ancestral truth, which in Ancient Greece was spontaneous evidence for every practitioner – as it is still today in eastern civilizations or in other philosophical and spiritual non-western traditions.

C.S.S. therefore represents the working lab for a redescovery of the body-soul unity throughout sporting practice activities, once rehabilitated and revisited as presenting its psychological ancestral mindfulness. Awareness of the soul is the right manner of understanding, capable of restoring in every single subject consciousness of the entirety of an olistic, psycho-physical dimension of the self.